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The goal of the course is to teach the student how to start, build, operate, market, and grow a successful home inspection business. The course covers everything from what it takes to run a one-inspector business to operating a multi-inspector firm. 
The course includes updated business processes and marketing strategies that successful inspection companies are currently implementing. 

The course includes resources for inspection training, report software, and inspection tools and equipment.

It also includes mentoring and networking, marketing and websites, insurance and legal documents, and more. 

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Course Description:

Most home inspectors don’t consider themselves business owners. Why? They invest a great deal in learning the technical aspects of performing a home inspection but do not take the time to learn how to operate a home inspection business.

Do you have a degree in business administration? What was the last book you read about business and marketing? Have you ever taken a business and marketing class? If not, then this course will be of great value to you regardless of whether you're new to the inspection business or a Certified Master Inspector CMI®.

Many inspectors have no idea how to write a business plan, do market research, price their services, make financial projections, brand and market themselves, grow their business, pay taxes, and manage staff. These tasks are not rocket science, but each is essential to being a successful owner and operator of a home inspection business.

In this course, we’ll simplify the approaches to each task and more that will help you operate your business in easy-to-understand steps. And we’ve broken it down into several steps, each of which we’ll go over in this course.

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Course Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to:

  1. Choose a business location.
  2. Write a business plan.
  3. Choose the legal structure.
  4. Choose the business name.
  5. Understand the business laws and regulations.
  6. Get business assistance, inspection training, and marketing services.
  7. Finance your business.
  8. Calculate profitable inspection fees.
  9. Use inspection agreements.
  10. Work on branding.
  11. Work on marketing.
  12. Conduct business online.
  13. Provide great customer service and communication.
  14. Know how to hire employees.
  15. File and pay taxes.
  16. Build your business and hire inspectors.
  17. Get legal help.

Course includes: 

  • 6 InterNACHI® CE credit hours;
  • 52,308 words;
  • 4 hours of instructional video;
  • course study guide;
  • an inspection and writing assignment;
  • a research and writing assignment; 
  • 130 quiz questions in 9 quizzes;
  • 50-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  • instant grading;
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.

You will learn the following:

  • Elements of Success
  • Building Success
  • Chapter 1: Do You Have What It Takes?
    • Comfortable with Taking Risks
    • Independent    
    • Persuasive    
    • Able to Negotiate    
    • Creative    
    • Supported by Others    
    • 20 Questions Before Starting    
    • Chapter 1 Checklist    
  • Chapter 2: 17 Steps to a Successful Home Inspection Business    
    • Step 1: Choose a Business Location    
    • Step 2: Write a Business Plan    
    • Step 3: Choose the Legal Structure    
    • Step 4: Choose the Business Name    
    • Step 5: Understand the Business Laws and Regulations    
    • Step 6: Get Business Assistance, Inspection Training, and Marketing Services    
    • Step 7: Finance Your Business    
    • Step 8: Calculate Profitable Inspection Fees    
    • Step 9: Use Inspection Agreements    
    • Step 10: Work on Branding    
    • Step 11: Work on Marketing    
    • Step 12: Conduct Business Online    
    • Step 13: Provide Great Customer Service and Communication    
    • Step 14: Hire Employees    
    • Step 15: File and Pay Taxes    
    • Step 16: Build Your Business and Hire Inspectors    
    • Step 17: Get Legal Help    
  • Chapter 3: Home-Based Inspection Business    
    • Before You Begin    
    • Factors to Consider    
    • Advantages    
    • Disadvantages    
    • Chapter 3 Checklist    
  • Chapter 4: Choose a Business Location    
    • Zoning Laws    
    • Determine Your Needs    
    • Is the Area Business Friendly?    
    • Zoning Ordinances    
    • InterNACHI Vehicle Magnets    
    • How’s the Property Is Zoned?    
    • Home-Based Business Zoning Laws    
    • Leasing Commercial Space    
    • The Bottom Line    
    • Buy or Rent?    
    • Chapter 4 Checklist    
  • Chapter 5: Write a Business Plan    
    • Executive Summary    
    • What to Include in Your Executive Summary    
    • If You Are an Established Business    
    • Mission Statement    
    • If You Are a Startup or New Business    
    • Company Description    
    • What to Include in Your Company Description    
    • Market Analysis    
    • What to Include in Your Market Analysis    
    • Organization & Management    
    • Organizational Structure    
    • Ownership Information    
    • Board of Directors' Qualifications    
    • Services    
    • A Description of Your Services    
    • Marketing & Sales    
    • Marketing and Promotional Items    
    • Overall Strategy    
    • Funding Request    
    • Financial Projections    
    • Historical Financial Data    
    • Prospective Financial Data    
    • Appendix    
    • Be Clear About What You Have to Offer – Be Unique    
    • Don’t Become a Jack of All Trades    
    • Identify Your Niche    
    • Chapter 5 Checklist    
  • Chapter 6: Choose a Legal Structure    
    • Sole Proprietorships    
    • Partnerships    
    • Corporations    
    • Subchapter S Corporations    
    • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
    • Chapter 6 Checklist    
  • Chapter 7: Choose the Business Name    
    • Important Step    
    • Available?    
    • .COM    
    • Search for Names    
    • Suggestions    
    • Future Growth    
    • Check for Trademarks    
    • If You Intend to Incorporate    
    • Pick a Name That’s Web-Ready    
    • Claim Your Social Media Identity    
    • Apply for Trademark Protection    
    • Register a Business Name    
    • What is a “Doing Business As” Name?    
    • Do I Need a “Doing Business As” Name?    
    • How to Register your “Doing Business As” Name    
    • Chapter 7 Checklist    
  • Chapter 8: Understand the Business Laws and Regulations    
    • Advertising and Marketing    
    • General Offers and Claims Products and Services    
    • Protecting Consumers’ Privacy Online    
    • CAN-SPAM Act: A Compliance Guide for Business    
    • eNewsletter for Inspector Clients    
    • Need more information?    
    • Chapter 8 Checklist    
  • Chapter 9: Get Business Assistance, Inspection Training, and Marketing Services    
    • Business, Training, Certification, Continuing Education    
    • Training Videos    
    • Inspection-Related Articles    
    • Legal Documents    
    • Marketing Team    
    • Chapter 9 Checklist    
  • Chapter 10: Finance Your Business    
    • Estimating Startup Costs    
    • Using Personal Finances    
    • Preparing Financial Statements    
    • Current Liabilities    
    • Developing a Cash Flow Analysis    
    • Breakeven Analysis    
    • Breakeven Analysis: How to Know When You Can Expect a Profit    
    • Borrowing Money for Your Business    
    • Chapter 10 Checklist    
  • Chapter 11: Calculate Profitable Inspection Fees   
    • Pricing    
    • Two Ways    
    • Billable Hours    
    • Billable Hourly Rate    
    • Market-Based    
    • Combination    
    • Fee Calculator    
    • Outsourcing Inspections    
    • Chapter 11 Checklist    
  • Chapter 12: Use Inspection Agreements    
    • Contract Basics    
    • Oral vs. Written    
    • InterNACHI’s Standardized Contracts    
    • Basic Contract Items    
    • Attachments    
    • Addendum    
    • Electronic Contracts    
    • Chapter 12 Checklist    
  • Chapter 13: Work on Branding    
    • Marketing vs. Advertising    
    • Branding, Marketing, and Advertising    
    • Branding    
    • Your Brand    
    • Tagline    
    • Trademarked Taglines    
    • Business Logo    
    • Free Logo and Marketing Design    
    • Everything Looks the Same    
    • Questions to Help Develop Your Brand    
    • Business Experience    
    • What Makes You So Special?    
    • Target Market    
    • Elevator Pitch    
    • Branding Summary    
    • Chapter 13 Checklist    
  • Chapter 14: Work on Marketing    
    • Business Cards    
    • Free Business Card Designs    
    • Freely Hand Cards Out    
    • Flyers    
    • Advertisement in the Local Paper    
    • Home Maintenance Book    
    • Inspection Vehicle Decals
    • InterNACHI ID Badge
    • Sew-On Emblems    
    • Coloring and Activity Book    
    • Client Satisfaction Survey    
    • Homeowner Newsletter    
    • Leave-Behind Letter    
    • Logos, Images, and Taglines    
    • Commercial Inspector Marketing Pack    
    • Sample Letter to Mail to Past Clients    
    • Handwritten Notes    
    • Define Your Market    
    • Target Clients    
    • Not Focusing is a Waste    
    • Who’s Your Competition?    
    • What’s Going On in the Inspection Industry?    
    • Market & Marketing Research
    • Before You Start Marketing    
    • Marketing Tools    
    • Networking    
    • Press Release    
    • Sponsoring an Event or Team    
    • Direct Mail    
    • Free Stuff    
    • Home Maintenance Inspection    
    • Print Marketing    
    • Websites and Social Media    
    • Homeowner Newsletters    
    • Chapter 14 Checklist    
  • Chapter 15: Conduct Business Online    
    • Setting Goals    
    • Website    
    • Online Marketing    
    • Email and Newsletters    
    • Blogging    
    • Rich Blog Content    
    • Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, and More    
    • Website Builders    
    • Website Guidance    
    • InterNACHI-Certified Websites    
    • Informative Architecture of a Website    
    • Website Color    
    • Website Images    
    • Test Your Website    
    • SEO and Driving Traffic    
    • Driving Traffic Using Facebook    
    • Facebook for Business    
    • LinkedIn    
    • Sharing Content    
    • Message Board for Inspectors    
    • Lead-Generation Websites    
    • Domain Name    
    • Chapter 15 Checklist    
  • Chapter 16: Provide Great Customer Service and Communication    
    • First Impressions    
    • Dress Chart    
    • Effective Communication    
    • Communicating Information About Your Inspection    
    • Jargon    
    • Pace    
    • Chapter 16 Checklist    
  • Chapter 17: Hire Employees    
    • Hire Your First Employee    
    • Step 1. Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)    
    • Step 2. Set up Records for Withholding Taxes    
    • Step 3. Employee Eligibility Verification    
    • Step 4. Register with Your State's New Hire Reporting Program    
    • Step 5. Obtain Workers' Compensation Insurance    
    • Step 6. Post Required Notices    
    • Step 7. File Your Taxes    
    • Step 8. Get Organized and Keep Yourself Informed    
    • Chapter 17 Checklist    
  • Chapter 18: File and Pay Taxes    
    • Is It A Business or a Hobby?    
    • Determine Your Federal Tax Obligations    
    • Federal Income Taxes    
    • Determine Your State Tax Obligations    
    • Employment Taxes    
    • Determine When the Tax Year Starts    
    • Chapter 18 Checklist    
  • Chapter 19: Build Your Business and Hire Inspectors    
    • Employee vs. Independent Contractor    
    • Special Tasks for Employers    
    • Training and Certification    
    • Chapter 19 Checklist    
  • Chapter 20: Get Legal Help    
    • Chapter 20 Checklist    

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InterNACHI® Course Example
Course #555, Student Catalog

Student WorkTime CalculationEstimated Clock Hour Time for the Average Student
Attendance for "Seat Time" 1# of minutes of student attendance / 5033.5
Participation in Learning Activities 2# of minutes of online student participation / 505.0
Interactivity 3# of minutes of student interactivity / 500.5
Reading the Course Text 4# of words in the course / 100 words per minute / 5010.5
Reading the Course Textbook 5# of words in the book / 100 words per minute / 505.2
Academic Engagement 6# of words in the course / 100 / 503.0
Direct Communication 7# of minutes of communication / 500.5
Instructional Video Learning 8# of minutes of video / 504.0
Reinforcement Q & A  9# of questions X 1.85 / 504.8
Writing Assignment of the Inspection  102.0 hours per assignment2.0
Writing Assignment of the Research  114.0 hours per assignment4.0
Academic Activities for an Inspection  126.0 hours for each inspection assignment6.0
Performing an Inspection  138.0 hours for each inspection8.0
* nachi.org/catalog-credit-hour-calculation
Total clock hours
54.0 clock hours
54.0 InterNACHI CE Hours
5.4 CEU

In keeping with InterNACHI's commitment to Continuing Education, this course is open and free to everyone and can be taken again and again without limit.

Reminder to members: InterNACHI's Code of Ethics 1.10 requires that you comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where you conduct business. InterNACHI's courses and Standards generally exceed the Standards of Practice that you are required to abide by locally.   

This course has been approved by:


Upon completion of this course and passing the final exam, the student can download and print their own Certificate of Completion, which is auto-generated in their own name.  

Here are some features that make InterNACHI's courses superior to existing Continuing Education options:

  • The course is free for all InterNACHI members.
  • The course is written in pure XHTML code for quick loading.  The course loads fast on old computers, even with dial-up.
  • The course is designed using a hierarchal menu coupled with a sequential page navigation.  This provides the student with the option to easily repeat areas of weakness.
  • The course permits the student to start, stop and restart any part of the course as often as desired.
  • There are a variety of images within the course, including diagrams, illustrations and photos. 
  • The illustrations can be enlarged for clearer viewing by clicking on them.
  • The text is integrated into InterNACHI's Inspector Glossary.  Rolling over blue-colored terms provides their definition.
  • The final exam uses multiple-choice questions that reference the images. 
  • The course's quizzes and final exam have numerous advantages over traditional exam systems:
    1. The course, quizzes and final exam incorporate built-in intelligence which identifies and strengthens each student's unique subject weaknesses.
    2. Not only is each question weighted with regard to score, but each answer is weighted, as well as the correctness of each answer being weighted.
      1. Answers to easy questions are weighted such that the student is penalized, in terms of score, for answering incorrectly, but rewarded modestly for answering correctly.
      2. Answers to difficult questions are weighted such that the student is rewarded, in terms of score, for answering correctly, but not penalized for answering incorrectly.
      3. Answers to questions regarding basic safety, or questions every inspector should know the answer to, are weighted such that the student is severely penalized, in terms of score, for answering incorrectly.
  • Upon passing the final exam, the student can print out a Certificate of Completion, which is auto-generated in their own name.

The student's (InterNACHI member's) information is recorded on InterNACHI's servers for membership compliance verification and automatically logs completion into InterNACHI's online Continuing Education log.