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Please note that not all chapter members are necessarily InterNACHI certified members. Only certified professional inspectors are listed with a link to their official InterNACHI listing.

Chapter Member Location


Chapter Member Location
Doug Aasen Sherwood Park, AB (Canada)
Dan Brown, CMI CCHI CPI, CPI® Calgary, AB (Canada)
Terry Martiniuk, Alberta Licence #340578 & #340579 Sherwood Park, AB (Canada)


Chapter Member Location
Geoff Latham, CMI CCHI CPI St. Albert, AB (Canada)


Chapter Member Location
Todd Jenkins, CMI® CPI CCHI, CPI® Sherwood Park, AB (Canada)

Vice President

Chapter Member Location
Steve Berini, CMI® 347652 Home Inspector Licence Calgary, AB (Canada)

Director of Education

Chapter Member Location
Daniel Levia, CMI, CCHI, CPI® Red Deer, AB (Canada)


Chapter Member Location
Jamie Keith, CET. CCHI., CPI® Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Chapter Members

Chapter Member Location
Ross Clarke-Davies Edmonton, AB (Canada)
Ryan Ervin Red Deer, AB (Canada)
Maan Hakim, CPI® Grande Cache, AB (Canada)
Donny Hillyer, CPI® Lethbridge, AB (Canada)
Walter Kowalchyk, CPI® Sherwood Park, AB (Canada)
Sergey Lavrinenko St.Albert, AB (Canada)
James Pang EDMONTON, AB (Canada)
Zachary Pentyliuk, CPI® Edmonton, AB (Canada)
Danny Rideout Edmonton, AB (Canada)
Michael Skare Edmonton, AB (Canada)
Travis Sutherland Calgary, AB (Canada)