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Alberta updates

Update June 14, 2018 on whats happening with AlbertaACHI:
1.  Our president has been working hard on getting information on the CSA A770 standard that is suppose to be coming to Alberta in the next year or so.  He has had a few meetings with the Alberta Government and other parties of who this will effect once it comes in as legislation.  It is a long drawn out process as a lot of you may know and hopefully we all will have a clear picture come our AGM in the fall of 2018.
Stay tune.
Update June 9, 2016 on whats happening with AlbertACHI
1.  We have now been approved from the Alberta Government to make CCHI designation a equivalent to the CMI and RHI designations and the CCHI will be shown on the Service Alberta website.
2.  The AlbertaACHI website has been a long hard battle, but we are gaining steam to have the launch later this year......STAY TUNE.