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Membership Prerequisites and Fees


Dues will be calculated and paid as follows:

Dues will be $150 per year and pro-rated to your InterNACHI anniversary  date.

For example if your InterNACHI ID is NACHI09081803 it would mean your membership dues are due August 18 of each year (0818). Member would pay $100 or  8 x 12.50 = 100.00 and then on Sept 1 s/he owes $150 which would extend membership to the next anniversary date. This year may be a little complicated but once you hit your InterNACHI anniversary date, it will be $150 per year. If your membership expires less than six months from now You may consider paying the full 12 months plus the few months until your membership expires.

Prerequisites to membership in the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors of Canada  are:
  1. Member in good standing of InterNACHI
  2. Must attend a minimum of one AlbertaACHI meeting every two years to maintain membership.
  3. Paid the current years AlbertaACHI Dues., $150.00 per year.
  4. Include your NACHI membership ID number, current email address, mailing address and telephone number with all correspondence.


Notice to New Members 

Before you proceed to PayPal you should read the CCHI certification process as all new members must complete steps 1 trough 4 of the CCHI requirements for certification as a Certified Home Inspector.

There will be no refunds should you choose not to complete the Certified Home Inspector program. 

AlbertaACHI Fees:
Annual General Meeting (AGM) $50.00
Final Examinations 1 & 2 - $200.00
Home Inspection on site demonstration (Field Training) $200.00
Annual Membership (Join) $150.00
Documentation reviews $200.00
InterNACHI members $200.00 ($150 membership $50 meeting)
Non InterNACHI members $250.00
To make a payment click the arrow above the Add to Cart and select the item you are paying; click the Buy Now button, fill in the amount and click update, then follow the PayPal instructions.