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InterNACHI's Membership Requirements

InterNACHI's Membership Requirements
Requirements to apply for membership:
  1. You must have passed� NACHI's Online Inspector Examination (free).
  2. You must have completed NACHI's Ethics Obstacle Course (free).
  3. You must have taken NACHI's Standards of Practice Quiz (free).
  4. You must mail, fax, or submit online NACHI's Affidavit.
  5. You must agree to adhere to the Standards of Practice.
  6. You must agree to abide by the Code of Ethics.
  7. You must agree to continue learning as per the Continuing Education Policy.
  8. You must agree to maintain your member Online Continuing Education Log (free) as per the Continuing Education Policy.
  9. You must agree that if you have never peformed a home inspection for a fee you will submit 4 mock inspections to NACHI's Report Review Committee (free) before performing your first home inspection for a client.
  10. You must agree that within the first 6 months of membership you will apply for a membership photo I.D. (free).
  11. You must agree that within the first year of membership you will re-take and pass NACHI's Online Inspector Examination again (free).
  12. You must agree that within the first 2 years of membership you will attend at least one chapter meetings or educational seminars (reasonable exceptions apply).
  13. You must be actively working towards attaining a "Full" Membership.