State Exam for Florida Home Inspector License (proctored, closed-book)

InterNACHI's proctored, closed-book exam for Florida home inspector license is approved by Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation DBPR. View the DBPR approval on Florida's website. You may also view the approval letter from Florida DBPR
You do not have to be a member of InterNACHI to take the InterNACHI Florida Home Inspector Licensing Examination. The proctored exam is available to everyone. Non-members must sign up for a non-member account to obtain a username and password required for taking the computer-based exam. You will take the exam on the proctor's computer. 

Step #1: Choose a Proctor and Exam Location:

You may take the FL state proctored exam (for home inspectors) at one of our Proctored Test Centers in Florida and Colorado. You may choose your proctor and exam location. 
After paying for the exam through InspectorOutlet (click link below), you will be contacted by the proctor of your choice between 1-3 business days to set up a date and time that is convenient.
Choose a proctor and exam location.

Step #2: Exam Fee & Scheduling:

The fee for the proctored exam is $125.00, payable by credit or debit card. To schedule your exam, follow the below link to InspectorOutlet.

Choose a proctor and exam location.

Because the state exam is taken using the proctor's computer, you will receive exam results immediately. If you fail, you can re-take the exam without waiting, but according to the proctor's schedule. There may be an additional fee for each additional exam session. Ask your proctor for the exam details. 


Step #3: Study for the Exam:

Exam questions are sourced from:

Study those resources listed above and download the 1-page study guide.



You may practice taking a web-based exam with InterNACHI's Online Inspector Exam. However, the proctored state exam is a completely different exam with different questions. 



Step #4: Exam Certificate:

If you are a member of InterNACHI, you may download your exam certificate by logging into your InterNACHI Members-Only Account and open your education folder. The certificate will be located in your education folder. You may download your certificate as a PDF, save it, and print it out. 
Log into your InterNACHI Members-Only Account.

If you're not a member of InterNACHI, email Jazmin at the exam session code to receive your exam certificate. 



Exam Categories and % Minimums:

The proctored state examination covers the following categories: General; Plumbing; Roofing; Electrical; Heating & Cooling; Structure; Exterior; Interior; Insulation & Ventilation; Fireplace & Chimney; Wood Destroying; Environment; Ethics; Safety; Inspection Methods; Reporting; and Professional Practice.

If an examinee fails in one category by answering less than 50% of the questions in that category correctly, he/she will receive a failing score for the entire examination. An examinee must receive an 80% or greater in all exam categories to pass the entire exam.



120 Exam Questions and 60 Minutes:

The exam consists of 120 questions that are drawn randomly from a larger pool of more than 360 questions. The examinee has sixty (60) minutes to complete the exam. It is proctored. It is closed-book. The exam is different every time anyone takes it with the 120 questions being randomly generated, and the order of the possible answers sorted randomly.

Not only are the questions exam weighted, the answers are as well, in the sense that an exam taker is penalized severely (in terms of score) for incorrectly answering questions that indicate that he/she could cause physical harm to the public, but not greatly rewarded (in terms of score) for correctly answering such questions.



State Application and Fingerprints:
If you live in the South Florida area, schedule your fingerprinting reservation at South Florida Fingerprinting: 5900 SW 73rd St. Suite 304, South Miami, FL 33143
Fingerprinting in South Florida 

Applicants for licensure must meet the other licensure requirements, including good moral character, fingerprints, completion of educational/experience requirements, fees, and insurance. Applicants then apply to the department for licensure. For more information, please visit the DBPR website

Click here to see the application requirements



Proctored Test Centers:

The InterNACHI Proctored Test Centers will offer examinees testing in a controlled, proctored environment.

Proctors will verify an examiner’s photo identification as specified by InterNACHI by checking to see that the signature and photo match the person presenting the identification. The Proctor will actively monitor the testing room, the examinee, and test content. 

The Proctor will provide a quiet environment with acceptable test-taking conditions. The room will be dedicated to testing during the scheduled session and will have controlled access. Appropriate lighting, temperature control, and noise restrictions will be considered, including ADA special requirements. Proctors will be aware of and implement the Professional Proctoring Standards and Guidelines to the best of their ability.

The Proctor will specify to the examinee all restrictions on testing materials, including books, notes, instruments, and other aids. This is NOT an "open book" exam. It is closed-book, which means that the only information you may rely on during the exam session is your brain. InterNACHI will implement restrictions and controls on the software used to deliver the tests and will supply the Proctor with minimum hardware configurations, necessary usernames and passwords, and all other pertinent instructions prior to the day of the examination.

Exam Description:

InterNACHI serves governments and regulatory boards by providing an assurance of above minimum standard level of competency of home inspectors, specifically for licensing reciprocity purposes. InterNACHI supports home inspector regulations, intended to protect the public, that require passing of an examination that assesses home inspector competence. InterNACHI's Examination was developed using a blueprint based largely on InterNACHI's Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics, with test methodology based primarily on Standards for Education and Psychological Testing by the American Educational Research Association, the American Psychological Association, and the National Council on Measurement in Education. InterNACHI's Inspector Examination also relies on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's Uniform Guidelines for Employee Selection Procedures, the National Commission for Certifying Agencies' Standards for Accreditation, and other applicable standards.


Everything You Need in Florida:

Visit for everything you need to be a successful home inspector in Florida.

120-Hour Online Licensing Course:
InterNACHI's 120-Hour Online Home Inspector Licensing Course is approved by DBPR, all online, and free to members.




Free, Online Continuing Education for Home Inspectors:
Licensed home inspectors in Florida are required to complete at least fourteen (14) hours of continuing education credits prior to the expiration of their license. InterNACHI provides free, online Continuing Education to its members


More Details about Becoming a Licensed Home Inspector:
For details, please visit the Florida website at



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