Tech Giants Using InterNACHI's Proprietary Software: Press Release


InterNACHI® Shares Its Proprietary Software Tools with Slack and Microsoft®
BOULDER, Colo. (Oct. 29, 2019) – In 2014, InterNACHI® CEO Chris Morrell developed a piece of software that was necessary for the implementation of our Home Energy Report tool. Once finished, we released the code under an MIT open-source license so that anyone could benefit from the solution.   Since then, it has grown in popularity – averaging over 6 million downloads per month – and is now used in the development of many global commercial products by tech industry giants, including Slack and Microsoft® Office.
InterNACHI® Founder Nick Gromicko says, "Morrell's skills and insights provided the foundation for InterNACHI's groundbreaking online education system."  Launched back in 2004, Morrell developed its proprietary learning management system (LMS) for InterNACHI's online home inspection Continuing Education courses and exams.  This unique LMS allows users to fluidly move throughout a course, stop and start at any time for maximum flexibility, take its quizzes and get instantly graded, and receive feedback on areas of strength and weakness, with the goal of overall knowledge retention and improvement.  The exam system additionally uses individually weighted questions and answers for the same purpose.  Gromicko continues, "InterNACHI's proprietary LMS has allowed its home inspector members to learn at their own pace, while ensuring a standard level of home inspection knowledge and skills competence. Our education system has dominated the home inspection industry since its inception."
InterNACHI's monster inspection website at is over 280,000 pages long and has 31 million unique visitors. Its Inspection Community Forum has more than 2.1 million posts (and counting).  And its website generates four inspection job leads per minute for its members (see the statistics update in real time here:  
InterNACHI® is proud to be on the forefront of developing and sharing its own software technology, enabling the tech industry at large to streamline their products and services to deliver software that's innovative, intuitive, and user-friendly.


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