New article for inspectors: Inspecting for Proper Installation of HVAC Filters

Home inspectors should impress upon their clients the importance of proper maintenance of their home’s HVAC system.  The most common maintenance task is regularly cleaning or replacing the filter for the unit’s optimum energy efficiency, as well as the home’s improved indoor air quality.  And a high-rated MERV filter box may be an option that can be retrofitted to an existing HVAC unit.  Read more about it Inspecting for Proper Installation of HVAC Filters.

5. Demonstration Room


Go to the Demonstration Room and get your hands on a building science demonstration, where you’ll learn the physics behind inspecting load-bearing structural systems.

Join Ben Gromicko, InterNACHI Director of Education, and other inspectors as they build a load-bearing stud wall and a 6-foot stone arch. Sounds like fun!

Ben hosts NACHI.TV and provides free, online classes.