Sexual Harassment Training for Illinois Home Inspectors Course

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The goal of this course teaches Illinois home inspectors how to effectively communicate, resolve issues, and identify, prevent, and react to sexual harassment in the workplace. The student will cover Illinois law, examples of sexual harassment, and an individual's rights.  

Learning Objectives:

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Have methods and techniques to enact successful and professional communication to clients
  • Identify what sexual harassment is, including its forms and types,
  • Know action options in case one experiences or witnesses unwelcome sexual contact,
  • Know what options are available in Illinois, within a company, and with U.S. Federal entities, for reporting sexual harassment; and
  • What whistle-blower protections are in place for those who intend to report sexual harassment.

This course includes information on sexual harassment from The Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) & The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) with their permission.

Course Includes:

  • 10.0 InterNACHI CE credit hour;
  • 1.0 CEU transferrable credit to another college; 
  • 16,784 words;
  • two research and writing assignments; 
  • 14 quiz questions; 
  • 25-question final exam (drawn from a larger pool);
  • instant grading;
  • a downloadable, printable Certificate of Completion.

You will learn the following topics:

  • Illinois Regulations
  • Effective Communication
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
  • Reporting Sexual Harassment
  • Whistle-Blower Protections
  • Employer Responsibilities
  • Small Business Owners


Sexual Harassment Training for Illinois Home Inspectors Course

Course # 4626



Estimated hours for the average student

Academic Engagement

Reading online course instructional material at 140 words per minute


Taking quizzes


Taking the exam


Conducting two directed and independent research studies on sexual harassment and communication.  


Submitting two research and writing assignments





Studying & reviewing instructional material in preparation for taking quizzes and exam


Reading the downloaded student course book including taking the quizzes with the book


Reading, research, and studying related to completing the research and writing assignment




Sub Total


Overall Total

10.0 clock hours

1.0 CEU

Reminder to members:  InterNACHI's Code of Ethics 1.10 requires that you comply with all government rules and licensing requirements of the jurisdiction where you conduct business.  InterNACHI's courses and Standards generally exceed the Standards of Practice that you are required to abide by locally.  
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