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The Infrared Certified® logo is available at
The Infrared Certified® Registered Trademarked professional designation and trademark logo are available to all InterNACHI members who meet the certification requirements (see below).  Applying for designation and logo usage permission is simple, fast and free. There are no annual dues or hidden costs.
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Certification Requirements (free to members): 

The certification requirements (subject to change) for Infrared Certified® professional designation and logo usage:
    1. You or your inspection company must own, lease or be renting an infrared camera.
    2. You must be a member in good standing of InterNACHI.  Membership requirements are at:
    3. You must complete InterNACHI's online Electrical course (free). 
    4. You must complete InterNACHI's online Plumbing course (free).
    5. You must complete InterNACHI's online Roofing course (free).
    6. You must complete InterNACHI's online HVAC course (free).
    7. You must complete InterNACHI's online Structural course (free).
    8. You must complete InterNACHI's online Exterior Inspection course (free).
    9. You must complete InterNACHI's online Attic, Insulation, Ventilation and Interior Inspection course (free).
    10. You must complete InterNACHI's online Moisture Intrusion Inspection course (free).
    11. You must complete at least ten (10) additional hours of training specifically related to building science and thermal infrared imaging. It's up to you to choose the particular training course, provided by either InterNACHI or an InterNACHI Approved School or Instructor. We recommend the following from which to choose:
   12. You must sign and return the application/affidavit (below) to InterNACHI.


to use the Infrared Certified™ professional designation and logo
Full Name:   _____________________________________________________
InterNACHI ID#:  NACHI  __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Company Name (not required):   ________________________________________
Address (kept confidential):   ______________________________________________
Address (kept confidential):   ______________________________________________
City:   ______________________________________________
State or Province:   ___________________________
Zip or Postal Code:   _________________
Country:   _______________________
Phone Number:   _(_______)_____________________
Email Address:   ___________________________@_________________.______
Web Address (not required):   www.___________________________________.______
I hereby attest that the above information is correct, that I or my inspection company owns, leases or is renting an infrared camera, that I am a member of InterNACHI in good standing and I have taken the required courses (listed above).
Applicant's Signature 
First, make a clean copy of the application (above).  If you don't know how to copy the application from this webpage, vist:  Then...
    • Mail the above signed application/affidavit to InterNACHI, 1750 30th Street, Boulder, CO, 80301.  
    • Fax the above signed application/affidavit to InterNACHI at (650) 429-2057.
    • Scan and email the above signed application/affidavit to
You will NOT receive approval or confirmation and will only be contacted if something is wrong.  Consider usage permission to be granted upon your application being submitted.   Usage permission holders will eventually be listed on several infrared websites being built, but, again... once you mail, fax, or email your application/affidavit, you are free to use the professional designation and logo.
Download and print your free "Infrared-Certified" certificate:
"Infrared-Certified" and the "Infrared Certified" logo are Registered U.S. Trademarks protected by trademark and common law.
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