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To join InterNACHI

Visit the InterNACHI membership page for information on joining InterNACHI (including home inspector certification requirements).


Email (preferred)

To contact InterNACHI by email, write to [email protected].

Do not attempt to call InterNACHI until you have first emailed [email protected]. Please include "InterNACHI" in the subject line. InterNACHI staff does not monitor the message board, so posting a request on the message board will not result in action by InterNACHI.


InterNACHI, International Association of Certified Home Inspectors
1750 30th Street, Suite 301
Boulder, CO 80301  USA


To contact InterNACHI by fax, use: (650) 429-2057.


Phone, Communications Department

Contact InterNACHI's Director of Communications (most calls):

Lisa Endza (Boulder, CO)
(303) 502-6214
[email protected]

Please note that while we are happy to answer any tech support question you have, we cannot teach basic computer skills, such as copy/paste and using your web browser. Because many of InterNACHI's services are provided via the Web, basic computer knowledge is a requirement for many of them. If you are not comfortable with a computer, we highly recommend that you take a class at your local community college or purchase an introductory book before calling for tech support.

Contact InterNACHI's consumer hotline at:

1-877-FIND-INSP (1-877-346-3467)


Inspector Marketing Department

To contact the InterNACHI Inspector Marketing Department:

Jessica Langer (Director of Marketing)
(720) 369-3229
[email protected]

Levi Nelson
(Logo Design & Illustration)
[email protected]
Chris Krowiak (Graphic Design & Illustration)
[email protected]
Cherise Peterson (Graphic Design)
[email protected]
Marshall Burgtorf (Video Production Manager)
[email protected] 

Education Department, Student Services, Programs

For more information about our world-class training, visit the home inspector education page.

Tanya Nascimento (Education, Program and Student Services Administrator)
(303) 249-7288 .... YO HABLO ESPANOL
[email protected] 
Kim Stover (Education, Course Approvals, Report Evaluation, Student Services Administrator)
[email protected]
Michelle Thakur (Education, Events Coordinator, Program and Student Services Administrator)
Kate Tarasenko (Editor-in-Chief, Education, Student Services Administrator)
[email protected]
Benjamin Gromicko (Director of Education)
(303) 862-2611

Membership Benefits, Programs

For information about InterNACHI benefits, please see the InterNACHI membership benefits page.
Tom Zachar (Proctored Examinations, Program Administrator)
(773) 841-1222
[email protected]
Owens Corning Roof Data Technician Program
Home Energy Score Program

Communications and Sales

Sheilenna Woods
(707) 548-7633
[email protected]


Technology Department

Savannah Carr (Technology Contact)
[email protected]
Please contact Savannah first if you're having technical trouble.  She'll be able to direct you to the correct person if she is not able to answer your question immediately.
Tim Eaton (Senior Software Engineer)
[email protected]

Financial Department

Chloe Katz (Chief Financial Officer)
(720) 454-7774
[email protected]

Additional Staff

Please note that is is almost always better to email [email protected] rather than contacting staff directly.

Nick Gromicko (Founder)

Nick Gromicko is founder of InterNACHI, the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, based in Boulder, Colorado. InterNACHI is the world’s largest association of property inspectors—with one of the largest websites on the Internet at —offering education, training, benefits and support to its members to help them succeed in the home inspection industry. 

Gromicko also serves as executive director of the Master Inspector Certification Board, which awards qualified property inspectors the title of Certified Master Inspector®, the industry’s highest professional designation.

Author of more than 25 inspection textbooks, including the best-selling How to Run a Successful Home Inspection Business, as well as hundreds of informational articles for consumers and professionals, Gromicko promotes the home inspection industry and advocates for inspectors throughout North America and beyond through training and support.

[email protected]


Alternate Dispute Resolution Service & Code of Ethics Committee

See the InterNACHI Code of Ethics.

Joe Farsetta
Advanced Professional Services Group, Inc.
Pearl River, NY 10965
(303) 591-9919
[email protected]
About Joe Farsetta

See Inspection Arbitration Services (for handling consumer complaints through alternate dispute resolution).

Standards of Practice Committee


Legal & Accounting

Mark Cohen, J.D., LL.M.
P.O. Box 974
Nederland, CO 80466
Phone:  (303) 638-3410
[email protected]

Jeffrey D. Cohen, Esq., C.P.A.
The Cohen Law Firm, P.C.
Legal, Tax & Business Advisors
6610 Gunpark Drive, Suite 202
Boulder, CO  80301
Phone:  (303) 733-0103
Fax:  (303) 733-0104
[email protected]

Teresa Pierson (Intellectual Property Attorney)
Pierson Law LLC
[email protected]

State-Specific Contacts & International

Kenton Shepard
Director of Green Building
Director of International Development
Alysse Janet (Director of International Client Relations)
[email protected]

Kali Hall (French Interpreter)

[email protected]


Alberta, Canada

How to become a licensed home inspector in Alberta

Dan Levia
In-Focus Home Inspections
Red Deer, AB
(403) 350-9697
[email protected]



Jordan Kassir
[email protected]



About Illinois-approved education

Jeff Merritt, Chapter President, Certified Instructor, IDFPR Proctor
Homestead Inspections, LLC
[email protected]


Puerto Rico

How to become a certified home inspector in Puerto Rico

Mary F. Ayuso
(787) 690-0512 or (787) 690-0514
[email protected]

InterNACHI-Certified Home Inspectors


Inspector Chapters

See chapter events on the home inspector events page.

Member Account Information


Other Contacts


Alicia Fowler
[email protected]

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Consumer Complaint Hotline

(303) 502-6214 (consumers only)

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InterNACHI, 1750 30th Street, Suite 301, Boulder, CO  80301


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