Certification Requirements to Become Infrared Certified®

Become Infrared Certified®To become Infrared Certified® and use the Infrared Certified® logo, an individual must complete the following requirements:
  1. You must join InterNACHI
  2. You must complete the Home Inspector Certification Requirements and be awarded the Certified Professional Inspector® designation (online & free for members).
  3. You must complete the following additional training (by choosing a. OR b.):
    1. Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course (online & free for members) and Building Science & Infrared Thermal Imaging for Inspectors Course (online & free for members); OR
    2. Infrared training with John McKenna (for a fee). John teaches infrared classes at various locations in North America.
  4. You must sign the Infrared Certified® Application & Affidavit.
  5. You must maintain membership to InterNACHI, continue to learn (24 hours/year) per InterNACHI's Continuing Education Policy, and maintain an online member Continuing Education Log.
Infrared Certified® Inspectors may download the logo from www.nachi.org/infraredcertified.

Application & Affidavit:

Complete and sign the Infrared Certified® Application & Affidavit.

You will not receive approval or confirmation. You will only be contacted if something is incorrect or your application is denied. Consider usage permission to be granted upon your application being submitted. To receive inspection leads, update your membership profile www.nachi.org/profileintro and list your inspection service at www.nachi.org/ancillary.

Infrared Certified®

Become Infrared Certified® (free and online for members)