Infrared Certified® Certification Requirements


These are the certification requirements for InterNACHI® members to become Infrared Certified®. 

1.    Complete InterNACHI's Home Inspector Certification Requirements.

2.    Complete one the following additional training options: 

    Infrared Thermography Inspection Training Course (free and online for members) and Building Science & Infrared Thermal Imaging for Inspectors Course (free and online for members);


    the 2-Day Certified Residential Thermography Class provided by Monroe Infrared (for a fee).

3.    Sign the Infrared Certified® Application & Affidavit.

The training and certification program is provided by our home inspector college internachi.eduCertified inspectors may download and use the Infrared Certified® logo by visiting our inspector certification logos

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Members have unlimited access to all of InterNACHI's free, online courses. Learn at your own pace, and when you're ready, you can attain more than 60 additional types of inspector certifications (at no additional cost).

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