How to Become a Home Inspector in Connecticut

The Connecticut State Department of Consumer Protection requires individuals to apply for a Home Inspector Intern Permit before applying for a Home Inspector's License.
To apply for an initial permit an individual must:

1) Have successfully completed high school or its equivalent;
2) Have successfully completed a board-approved training program that meets the requirements of regulations adopted by the commissioner pursuant to Section 20-491 – Regulations; of the General Statutes (must submit copy of course completion certificate with application) InterNACHI's state-approved pre-licensing education program is free and online for members. Members may track their hours and progress by logging into their members-only account; and
3) Have an identified supervisor who:
(A) is licensed as a home inspector in Connecticut,
(B) is in good standing with the state as a home inspector, and
(C) has agreed to perform supervisory functions as described in General Statutes and Regulations.

To apply for a home inspection license an individual must:

1) Have earned a Home Inspector Intern Permit
2) Have performed not less than one hundred home inspections under the supervision of a licensed Home Inspector – the associated logs, signed by the Supervisor, must be submitted with the application. Such supervision shall be direct supervision for a minimum of the first ten inspections, and then may be indirect for the remaining training period; and
3) Have passed written examination administered by the Department. NOTE: You will be given information about taking the exam once this application has been accepted.
For more information, visit the Department of Consumer Protection website for Home Inspectors.

The Connecticut Home Inspection Licensing Board has approved InterNACHI as a Provider for both Pre-Licensing and Continuing Education. View the state approval of the course. 

Insurance for Inspectors

Although Connecticut doesn’t have requirements regarding insurance for home inspectors, many local real estate boards and home inspector business franchises require their affiliate members to meet certain coverage standards. InterNACHI members are eligible for discounts and enhanced coverage. Visit for information on how to sign up.


Hands-On Training at House of Horrors® 

Experience world-class inspection training and InterNACHI® member events at our House of Horrors® locations in Colorado and Florida.  The InterNACHI® House of Horrors® is an entire house with 1,000 defects built under our roof.  Register for a free event, take training, test-drive inspection tools, attend an inspector chapter meeting, and inspect the House of Horrors®. 

Continuing Education (online & free)

Connecticut-licensed home inspectors must renew their license every two years. Home inspectors are required to take 20 hours of Continuing Education to complete the renewal process. 


How to Join InterNACHI®


Radon Tester Certification (online & free)

The Connecticut Department of Public Health requires that all individuals who perform radon tests in Connecticut take training and attain certification that is approved by AARST-NRPP or NRSB.  Visit the Connecticut website for details
InterNACHI's free, online Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course  is AARST-NRPP-approved for both initial certification and Continuing Education. To complete all components of the NRPP Radon Certification, please visit their site for more information.  
InterNACHI's free, online Radon Measurement Professional Initial Training Course is NRSB-approved for initial certification. For those looking for NRSB continuing education, members should take the free, online "Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider" course.

Home Energy Inspector Certification (online & free)

Become a Certified Home Energy Inspector™. The online training and certification is free for members. No infrared, no blower door, and no additional training needed. Visit

Wood Destroying Organisms (online and free)

Connecticut requires that all professional termite and wood destroying organisms specialists must be certified by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. InterNACHI's Wood-Destroying Organisms Inspections Course may prove to be a beneficial education tool for those looking to become licensed.

Commercial Property Inspections

Become a InterNACHI® Certified Commercial Property Inspector. The online training and certification is free for members.

Visit Certified Commercial Property Inspectors Association (CCPIA) for additional commercial inspection training and resources.


Business & Marketing (online & free)


Free, online "Home Inspection Business Course":
InterNACHI's Marketing Team will design a new logo for your inspection business or re-design your existing logo, and design and customize your business cards, flyers and brochures. It's all for free. Take a look at the free design work we've done for our members (free to members). Contact the Inspector Marketing Department today


Real Estate Cards (free for members)

Connecticut-licensed real estate agents can attain free Continuing Education credits by following the directions on the real estate cards. Members can hand out these cards to real estate agents, which explain how to log into the free courses.
When an agent logs into a course and enters the member's ID number, the member is automatically emailed. The first slide of the course is the member's contact information. 


Everything You Need, All in One Place

InterNACHI provides everything you need to be successful. Visit

Membership Benefits (free for members)

InterNACHI provides over $75,000 worth of benefits to its members at no cost. Visit

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  • Residential Structural Design for Home Inspectors Course
  • Inspecting the Means of Egress Course
  • How to Inspect Manufactured & Mobile Homes Course
  • How to Perform Home Energy Audits Course
  • How to Inspect Septic Systems Course
  • Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course
  • Calculating Envelope Energy Loss Course
  • Customer Service & Communication for Inspectors Course 



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The Department of Consumer Protection has reviewed the following course for continuing education and has determined that it meets the requirements in accordance with Section 20-491-23 of the Regulation Concerning Home Inspectors pursuant to School and Course approval for Continuing Education for the hours indicated.
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