How to Become a Home Inspector in Kentucky


Home Inspector Licensing:

To become a licensed home inspector in Kentucky, you must:
  • complete an approved pre-licensing course;
  • pass a state exam; and
  • follow a Standards of Practice.
For licensing details, visit the Kentucky website.
You can obtain training from our partner school in Kentucky (see green button below). Subscribe to receive upcoming class announcements.
Obtain training near you with instructor Mark Beauchamp. Get a free 6-month membership to InterNACHI when you sign up (available to new members only). Click here for more information. 

Home Inspector State Exam:

To prepare for the Kentucky state exam, you can take InterNACHI's Online Home Inspector Exam (free), take the InterNACHI State Exam Prep Course (free to members), and take InterNACHI's online courses (free to members). InterNACHI's Standards of Practice is freely available at Not a member? Join now.

Home Inspector Legislation:

Kentucky Department of Professional Licensing has a bill in relation to regulating home inspectors, including the International Standards of Practice. 

Insurance for Inspectors

To be a licensed home inspector in Kentucky, individuals must meet certain requirements for adequate insurance coverage. InterNACHI members are eligible for discounts and enhanced coverage. Visit for information on how to sign up.

Hands-On Training at House of Horrors® 

Experience world-class inspection training and InterNACHI® member events at our House of Horrors® locations in Colorado and Florida.  The InterNACHI® House of Horrors® is an entire house with 1,000 defects built under our roof.  Register for a free event, take training, test-drive inspection tools, attend an inspector chapter meeting, and inspect the House of Horrors®. 

Continuing Education (online & free for members):

Kentucky Board of Home Inspectors approves InterNACHI's free, online Continuing Education online courses for fulfilling the Continuing Education requirements (technical courses, including identification and determination).
InterNACHI's CE Provider License # HI-3114 . View 2020 approval letter from the Kentucky Board. 

Each licensee who renews a license in an odd year shall have at least 14 hours of CE, each licensee who renews in an even year shall have at least 28 hours of CE during the biennial period. 
(3) Prior to renewal, the continuing education shall include a minimum of:
  1. Three (3) hours in manufactured housing (face-to-face);
  2. Three (3) hours in KRS Chapter 198B and 815 KAR Chapter 6 (face-to-face);
  3. Three (3) hours in report writing (face-to-face); and
  4. Five (5) hours in technical courses, including identification and determination, as applicable within the standards of practice (NOT face-to-face; free & online for members).
(4) (a) The continuing education courses identified in subsection (3)(a) through (c) of this section shall be completed face-to-face. An online continuing education course shall not satisfy the continuing education requirement for each respective category. (b) The face-to-face requirement identified for the continuing education courses shall be effective beginning the next renewal period following the effective date of this administrative regulation (Sep 4, 2015).
5 Hours Technical
The following online courses (free & online to members) are approved by Kentucky for fulfilling the 5 hours of technical courses: 

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      Radon Tester Certification in Kentucky (online & free for members):

      Though Kentucky does not enforce or regulate radon measurement they do recommend that individuals choose professionals who are certified by AARST-NRPP or NRSB.
      InterNACHI's free, online "Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provide Course" is AARST-NRPP approved for both initial certification and Continuing Education. To complete all components of the NRPP Radon Certification, please visit their site for more information.  
      This course is also NRSB approved for Continuing Education credit. View details about InterNACHI's "Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course



      InterNACHI sues Commonwealth of Kentucky and wins: 


      Home Energy Inspector™ Certification (online & free for members):

      Become a Certified Home Energy Inspector™. The online training and certification is free for members. No infrared, no blower door, and no additional training needed.

      Home Energy Score Assessor (online & free for members):

      The Home Energy Score is similar to a vehicle's miles-per-gallon rating, and any qualified inspector in the U.S. can generate a Home Energy Score in less than an hour. The Home Energy Score provides:
      • a score on a scale of 1 to 10;
      • facts about the home and its energy use; and 
      • recommendations generated by the U.S. Department of Energy to improve the score and energy efficiency. 
      1.   To become a Home Energy Score Assessor, you must:
        1. be an InterNACHI-Certified Home Energy Inspector (online & free for members); 
        2. complete the 3D-house training (online & free for members);
        3. agree to participate in a Quality Assurance Plan with other local Home Energy Inspector(free for members); and
        4. email Jazmin to participate in the program.
      Wood Destroying Organisms (online and free for members):
      According to KRS 217B.515 Structural pest control licenses.
      Every person shall secure a license from the department before engaging in structural pest control in Kentucky.
      Structural pest control” shall mean: the control of termites or pests, including the identification of infestations or infections; the making of inspections, inspection reports, recommendations; offering advice regarding control methods
      Please refer to The Kentucky Department of Agriculture website for more details. InterNACHI's Wood-Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspection Course may be a useful education tool for those looking to become licensed.


      Roof Data Technician (free for members to participate):

      The Roof Data Technician Program, developed by InterNACHI and Owens Corning and Lowe's, provides an additional revenue stream for InterNACHI members who are hired by Owens Corning as part of a roof warranty claim resolution process. (This program is operational in the United States only.) Participate in the InterNACHI/Owens Corning Roof Data Technician Program.

      Business & Marketing (online & free for members):



      InterNACHI's Marketing Team will design a new logo for your inspection business or re-design your existing logo, and design and customize your business cards, flyers and brochures. It's all for free. Take a look at the free design work we've done for our members (free to members). Contact the Inspector Marketing Department today

      Homeowner Newsletter (online & free for members):

      Keep in touch with all of your clients! The InterNACHI Homeowner Newsletter is: 
      • free to members;
      • customized by you according to condition of each house inspected;
      • has 5 years worth of monthly issues;
      • includes your photo and logo in each issue.
      Your photo or business logo and website link will appear in each newsletter issue, so your clients can keep your contact information handy. Learn more about InterNACHI's free, monthly homeowner newsletter system (free for members).
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      Archived Approval Letters:

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      View 2018 approval of Inspecting the Means of Egress Course. CE-0315-001. Expiration January 10, 2019. 


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