How to Become a Licensed Home Inspector in Ohio

Home Inspector Licensing (online & free)

Ohio Senate Bill 255, regulating home inspector licensure in the state, has been signed by the Governor and enacted into law, effective April 5, 2019. 
The Ohio Home Inspector Board has not yet been created (as of March 21, 2019).  According to Section 8 (A), after the last member of the board is appointed, a period of 120-days after that date, home inspector licenses will be issued if the individual applies for a license and pays the fee, and if the applicant demonstrates all of the following: 
  • Proof of general liability insurance. Get special member pricing on home inspector insurance.
  • Documentation of meeting any three of the following requirements to demonstrate participation in the home inspection field prior to the date of this law:
    • Having performed 200 home inspections
    • Having passed the national home inspector examination
    • Having operated a home inspection business for 3 years
    • Having been employed as a home inspector for 3 years
    • Having successfully 80 hours of classroom or online instruction provided by an accredited postsecondary institution that includes topics of this law, safety, and report writing (Sec. 4764.05 (C)).  InterNACHI® School is an accredited post secondary education institution accredited by the national accrediting agency of the U.S. Department of Education, and all of our online courses are FREE to members.
    • Having a similar license or certification in another jurisdiction 
    • Having prepared at least 5 home inspection reports that have been verified as being in compliance with the standards adopted by a national organization of home inspectors. Write 5 inspection reports using InterNACHI's FREE Inspection Report Writing Checklist for verified compliance. 
    • Having completed, not more than one year before Apr 5, 2019, one peer review session conducted by a national organization of home inspectors (where an applicant identifies and reports defects in a home that contains previously identified defects). This can be completed at the InterNACHI House of Horrors for FREE at anytime you'd like, just come on by. 
Sec 4764.08 states that during each three-year period that a license is valid, a licensed home inspector shall successfully complete at least 14 hours of continuing education annually. InterNACHI provides members FREE online Continuing Education courses


To Become a Licensed Home Inspector

  • STEP #1: Join InterNACHI as a member at $49 per month (cancel any time) or $499 per year. There are no prerequisites to become a member. 
  • STEP #2: Then complete and document any three provisions described above and in the new Ohio Home Inspection Law for free.
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Insurance for Inspectors​

Ohio Home Inspector Licensing Law has requirements regarding insurance for home inspectors. InterNACHI members are eligible for discounts and enhanced home inspector insurance coverage

Home Inspector Continuing Education (online and free)

Sec 4764.08 of the Ohio Home Inspector Licensing Law states that during each three-year period that a license is valid, a licensed home inspector shall successfully complete at least 14 hours of continuing education annually. InterNACHI provides members FREE online Continuing Education courses.   


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InterNACHI School is accredited as a postsecondary education institution by the national accrediting agency of the U.S. Department of Education to provide tuition-free online training, examination, certification, and continuing education to InterNACHI® members in Ohio. 

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Home Inspector Chapters in Ohio

Join a Chapter of home inspectors in Ohio.


Online Forum for Ohio Inspectors


Radon Testing Continuing Education (online and free)

Courses are accepted by the Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Indoor Radon Program if they are approved by NRPP. InterNACHI's free, online Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course is approved by NRPP and AARST for 16 hours of Continuing Education credit. For more information, visit
InterNACHI's free, online "Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provide Course" is AARST-NRPP approved for both initial certification and Continuing Education. To complete all components of the NRPP Radon Certification, please visit their site for more information.  
This course is also NRSB approved for Continuing Education credit. View details about InterNACHI's "Advanced Radon Measurement Service Provider Course

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Home Inspector Training Classes

Ohio training class for home inspectors.

Manufactured & Mobile Home Inspector (online & free)

To be a certified manufactured home inspector, individuals must take training from a national organization. InterNACHI's online "How to Inspect Manufactured & Mobile Homes Course" is free to members. Not a member? Join now. 

Columbus Board of REALTORS:

The Columbus Board of REALTORS requires that inspectors be members in good standing of a national inspection association such as InterNACHI. Thanks to lobbying efforts by InterNACHI’s attorney, it was the decision of the Board of Directors of the Columbus Board of REALTORS, at its February 23, 2011 meeting to approve the Standard Qualified Inspector Clause #402 which prevents non-members from performing inspections and requires home inspectors to be a members in good standing of a national inspection association such as InterNACHI. Read more...


City of Toledo:

The City of Toledo includes InterNACHI as a certifying agency for home inspectors. The City of Toledo will accept the certification of professional home inspectors as identified in the Standards and Practices of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI). To comply with this provision, professional home inspectors must be certified and registered with the City of Toledo through the Division of Building Inspection and provide documented proof to the Commissioner of Building Inspection that you are currently certified with InterNACHI. Read more...

Real Estate Cards (free for members):

Licensed real estate agents can attain free Continuing Education credits by following the directions on the real estate cards. Members can hand out real estate cards to real estate agents, which explain how to log into the free courses by visiting
When an agent logs into a course and enters the member's ID number, the member is automatically emailed. The first slide of the course is the member's contact information. 

Home Energy Inspector Certification (online & free)

Become a Certified Home Energy Inspector. The online training and certification is free for members. No infrared, no blower door, and no additional training needed. 

Wood-Destroying Organisms (WDO)

The state of Ohio requires that wood-destroying insect inspectors be licensed and certified through the state. InterNACHI's Wood-Destroying Organisms (WDO) Inspection Course is currently in the process for approval.

Roof Data Technician (free for members)

The Roof Data Technician Program, developed by InterNACHI and Owens Corning and Lowe's, provides an additional revenue stream for InterNACHI members who are hired by Owens Corning as part of a roof warranty claim resolution process. (This program is operational in the United States only.) To participate in the program, visit

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InterNACHI's Member Marketing Team will design a new logo for your inspection business or re-design your existing logo, and design and customize your business cards, flyers and brochures. It's all for free. Take a look at the free design work we've done for our members (free to members). Contact the Member Marketing Team today

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