HomeAdvisor offers InterNACHI members a deal

Instead of paying the normal $288 HomeAdvisor registration fee, HomeAdvisor is waiving the fee for all InterNACHI members. No startup fees.

InterNACHI members only pay $300 upfront but then the entire $300 goes towards their own leads. As an InterNACHI member, your HomeAdvisor account is instantly credited back the entire $300.

In other words, there is no upfront fee to join InterNACHI, you merely agree to pre-purchase $300 worth of leads.

Wait, it gets better: For the first time ever, HomeAdvisor is discounting 20% off of all leads sent to InterNACHI members. This discount is also applied to your $300 worth of pre-purchased leads.

And of course InterNACHI inspectors have the capability to add their InterNACHI certifications to their HomeAdvisor profile. HomeAdvisor can upload these logos: www.nachi.org/logos to any current or new member profiles for you.

InterNACHI inspectors interested in setting up an account with HomeAdvisor should contact Kyle Lupercio at (913) 276-2853 or at klupercio@homeadvisor.com

Not available to InterNACHI members who already have active accounts with HomeAdvisor.