Clients of InterNACHI® Members Can Join Sam's Club for Free!

InterNACHI® members can now provide free Sam's Club membership to all their clients.  Here's the announcement:

The following are some approved marketing pieces that InterNACHI® members can use on their inspection company website and social media pages.  InterNACHI® members can also email these to their past clients and favorite real estate agents.  InterNACHI® members can even attach these marketing pieces to their inspection reports.  They are free.  To order them, go here:

This is a second option InterNACHI® members can use. And again, order here: They are free.

Here is a sample email you could send your past clients:

Dear past client:

I enjoyed inspecting your home.  I'm emailing you for two reasons.  The first is to remind you that if you know of anyone who might be needing a home inspection, please refer me.  I love working for friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members of my past clients.

The second reason is to let you know that through my trade association, I can provide you with a free membership to Sam's Club. Visit:

XYX Home Inspection Company

Also, we have packs of oversized (5.5" x 8.5") postcards that you can use to provide free Sam's Club memberships to your clients. The free packs of 50 are at:  Order yours now.

Home inspectors do a lot of driving.  One the best benefits of Sam's Club is that InterNACHI® members can pay less at the pump.  So, join Sam's Club for free, today.  And then tell all your clients that they can do the same.  Or give them this free postcard: They are free.

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