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Below are inspection-related articles, which may be used by any InterNACHI® member, real estate agent and member of the media.  (See copyright information below.)  These informational and educational articles are free to access by clicking on the links below. 
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They're useful for homeowners and others with an interest in issues affecting housing and buildings, and their relevance to home inspectors, commercial property inspectors, and the inspection industry in general is specifically highlighted. 
Common uses for these articles for InterNACHI® members include:
  • inspector websites (improves search engine optimization);
  • inspector newsletters (great to email to real estate agents and past clients);
  • inspection reports (include appropriate articles for particular issues); and
  • trade show handouts (make copies with your contact information on them).
Members can (and should) also offer them to their local real estate agents for use in their newsletters.
Scroll down the page to find many of these articles translated into Spanish and French.
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These copyrighted articles are free for InterNACHI® members' use with attribution to InterNACHI®, and a link to the original article on the InterNACHI® website.

Any licensed real estate agent may also use them in their entirety with the author's byline and the InterNACHI® copyright notice and link.

The images within the articles that are not owned and copyrighted by InterNACHI® are reproduced under the Fair Use Doctrine of U.S. copyright law, and attribution is provided where provenance is known.

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General Inspection & Consumer Articles:


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