Website Optimization and Online Marketing: Adding Interactive Content

Nick Gromicko and InterNACHI are proud to present a new series of articles by longtime friend and vendor Dominic Maricic, president of Home Inspector Pro.

Home Inspector Pro

by Dominic Maricic, President, Home Inspector Pro

Let's imagine the casual client who is looking over multiple websites for an inspector, not sure who they are going to choose.  Yes, all the sites have a phone number to call. The client writes them down, planning to call a few in the morning. Then, they come across a site with a box on the front page that says "Chat with this inspector live!" You, too, can a way to create an instant connection with the porential client.

This tip also works well with young buyers and those in the military.

Online widgets (small programs), such as Plugoo ( and Meebo (, allow you to add a chat program to your site so that clients can chat with you live. When a client asks a question, you'll receive it in any chat program that you use (MSN, AIM, Google, Facebook, etc). If you're not around, they'll get a message letting them know you're away. You can even connect the chat function to your smartphone, allowing you to receive messages while away from your computer.

Now you've answered the visitor's questions after hours, and they can't contact anyone else until the next day. So, of course, they're much more likely to hire you.

Another communication program that can bring you inspections is the text-messaging widget. It allows clients who are more comfortable behind their computer to text you through your website. You'll receive their message on your phone and can call them right back.

Find Home Inspector Pro's text widget at,com_smswidget 
It works great!  All Home Inspector Pro widgets are free!

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