Website Optimization and Online Marketing: Choose Your Words Wisely

Nick Gromicko and InterNACHI are proud to present a new series of articles by longtime friend and vendor Dominic Maricic, president of Home Inspector Pro.

Home Inspector Pro

by Dominic Maricic, President, Home Inspector Pro
We'll get you to Page One of Google in just WEEKS.” How many times has a telemarketer told you this?
Anyone can be listed on the top of the search engines in a short time. Just come up with a phrase no one else is competing for. For example, put the phrase "three-legged home inspector" all over your website and you'll come up first when someone searches for that phrase. Of course, no one is searching for that phrase.

The goal of optimizing your website is not just to be at the top of the search rankings, but to be at the top for phrases people are searching for. In almost every area of the country, the best phrase is going to be “City Home Inspector.” The rare exception are very remote, rural areas where they might type in a county. Just ask yourself how you would look for a local pizza place online:  by city or county?

Now, take that keyword phrase and work it into each page of your site multiple times. Your keywords should appear, at a minimum in your:
  • page content,
  • testimonials,
  • blogs,
  • photo galleries,
  • photo alt text,
  • page descriptions,
  • page titles,
  • link text, and
  • page URLs.

Don't stick 500 city names into your content, keywords, description and page title. Search engines look at the percentage of the search term to its occurrence on your page. If you type in 500 cities and someone searches for one of them, your percentage is 1/500 or 0.002%. Not very efficient.

To get the best results, target -- at most -- five cities. Any more than that starts to dilute your keyword efficieny. A few things to consider when choosing cities include population, travel distance, new home growth, new jobs, and home values.


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